What Parents Say

“ We have tried several of the dance schools on the peninsula, none compare to the attention to skill development, presentation detail, and learning my daughters get at Ayako School of Ballet. The team of teachers and support crew treat the kids like family - which is why we have been there for years and will continue to be there for years to come. ” --- Suzanne Doria ---
“ Ayako School of Ballet is a wonderful school that provides a supportive environment for a child to learn all aspects of ballet: technical, artistic, and performing in front of an audience. It is a supportive environment for both serious and recreational dancers, with a leaning to the former. The school has a family feel to it, and it is hard not to become part of the ASB family as your child attends the school. My daughter attended another local dance school before starting at ASB at age four (she is now twelve), and I found it unpleasant to have a strict dress code that required I purchase everything through the school, frequent holidays, and instructors that seemed to change very few months. Ayako Takahashi is a true artist, totally dedicated to dance and her students. I feel very fortunate to have discovered this school and recommend it highly! ” --- Aya Spievack ---
“ My daughter is 9, has been dancing for 3 years and has been at ASB for 1 year. She wanted to change schools last year so she could focus on ballet and perform in the Nutcracker.In my daughter's own words "I like ASB because the teachers push me to be better. I learn a lot and I've learned so much more about ballet and dance than at the other school I went to." Rose L.” --- Rich Marinaccio ---
“ When we moved to California, it was important to our daughter to find a ballet school that did a Nutcracker production. I was excited to find Ayako School of Ballet. We have been pleased and impressed with the opportunities that are provided to the students to perform - even at a young age.” --- Michelle O'Brien ---
“ Our daughter has been taking ballet lessons at our local Park and Recreation Department since she was two. She wanted to attend a "real" ballet school, and could not stop talking about being on stage, so about a year and a half ago, we came to Ayako School of Ballet. We attended the annual Nutcracker performance with her school, which was AMAZING and beautifully executed. At the conclusion of the show, the host announced that the dancers were from Peninsula Youth Ballet. I immediately called ASB and spoke with Frankie, who was extremely helpful getting us into a class that started right after the holidays. Many other schools have a multiple month waiting list, or they require you to wait until registration opens in September. Neither of these limitations was feasible for my daughter, who cannot live without ballet in her life that long. Thank you ASB for getting her in right away! ” --- Katie Lofty ---
“ In the 5 years we have spent at another local dance studio we have never received the type of warm welcome that Mrs. Briones and the teaching staff at Ayako School of Ballet has given us. In just a few short weeks we already feel like we've been a part of the ASB family for years. We also appreciate the approachability of the teaching staff and their technical guidance as our daughter settles into her new ballet studio.” --- Audrey Tse ---
“ Ayako School of Ballet has been part of my and Tianny's life for the past nine years. Performing Arts is always enjoyable to watch, therefore ASB is a pleasant place to be, and we both have learned to appreciate it more with each new year. It is wonderful to see that Tianny has become a more mature and confident dancer. I credit Ayako School of Ballet for it’s competitive program and caring and fun environment. You have enriched Tianny's growth as a person.” --- Kristy Lu ---
“ Ayako School of Ballet is a place where my daughter learned the discipline of dance, grace, and movement. Thank you for being there for the students.” --- Cheryl Pierce ---
“ ASB is a place where my son has been challenged as well as celebrated. Great instructors, and the productions are just icing on the cake!.” --- Linnaea Knisely ---
“ I've been involved in dance and gymnastics for most of my life. When it came time to choose a studio for my children, I wanted to pick a place that would allow them a chance to develop to their highest potential while having fun along the way. I tried 3 different studios before our family came to Ayako, and we are here to stay. My young girls are in beginner classes and they have been lucky enough to be taught by two young women who were trained by Ayako Takahashi. I believe that it's important for young dancers to have good role models. Their teachers gracefully model ballet movements, are approachable and polite with parents and sweet to their students. Their commitment to dance demonstrates the discipline it takes to become a high level dancer. We feel extremely lucky to be a part of Ayako School of Ballet. ” --- Alyssa Herrera ---
“ Ayako School of Ballet is the best ballet school in the Bay Area. They provide the best technique for children.” --- Patsy Leung ---
“ My daughter didn't come to ASB until she was 10. Her dance experience and ballet training came from other schools, but ASB's training was eye opening. When she first came, we were shocked that girls her age can do so much more. With solid basics but only minimal technique, she picked up very quickly from her teacher's detailed and precise instructions. Within a year, she excelled from not knowing what a pirouette was, to competition, and onto pointe work. She had never scored a platinum level in competition before coming to ASB. Now, she always places in the top scores in competitions among her age group. She has been lucky enough to learn other dance styles, like jazz and modern, and also is involved in PYB's professional performances. Her dance training has molded her personality as being determined and competitive, yet affectionate. Her poise and confidence will be a lifelong asset. Ayako and all the staff are very helpful, accommodating, and like family to us. She will soon leave for college, and we wish we knew about ASB much earlier. “ --- Yolanda Leung ---